Community Groups

At River City, we believe that real life is experienced in groups. Community groups are long term groups of people in similar life stages who are committed to growing together and walking in community with one another.​ Generally, a community group consists of 4-5 couples or 8-10 individuals who meet for healthy relationships and spiritual growth.

Joining a Group

We do life in groups and we want you to experience what being in true authentic Christian community feels like. Don’t let the term “Social Distancing” keep you from getting in a group! Social distancing does not mean you can’t be connected with a body of believers. Many of our groups are currently online and we would love for you and your family to join one!

At River City,  we have a way for people to join a group called GroupLaunch!  GroupLaunch is centered on people choosing a group to join AHEAD OF TIME before the event celebration takes place.  An online Group Registration is opened for a period of time featuring new groups or groups who can add group members.  Then, a GroupLaunch Party Night is held where all community groups get to meet together for the first time to build connections.

GroupLaunch January 2021 is now in full swing with online registration open for new groups and existing groups.  Check out the link below to see what groups we have to offer and to register!

Interested in Leading a Group?

Please apply online to start the process.

Did you already start a group?

Tell us about it and we’ll connect you to the support resources offered by the church.
Email us:

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