Our Mission

“More people living real life by passionately following Jesus.”

Our purpose and process are to equip people to become disciples with transformed lives by engaging with God through worship, community connection, and serving the world through ministry. Through a commitment to living a Christ-like walk in our community, they grow their faith and love for others. Studying the Bible and worship leads people to knowing and loving God in new ways. Using their knowledge and understanding of God’s plan for their lives, they’ll seek out opportunities to use their gifts to change the world.

The Journey to Real Life

 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the fullest.” –Jesus (John 10:10) 

Life to the fullest, or as we call it, Real Life! The gospel or “good news” is all about people finding new and abundant life through Jesus Christ; this is the life we were created for!  While we might ask Jesus what we should do, he made it clear that who we are through a relationship with the Father is what matters most. There are 5 important decisions that will help use fulfill God’s plan for our lives called “The Journey to Real Life!”


The Journey to Real Life begins with following Jesus and having a relationship with God through him.  Through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross we are able to be forgiven of our sin and have a relationship with the Lord. We are able to embrace His will and way for our lives first in our life of worship.


God’s beautiful plan for the church is to do life together, as a community that follows Christ.  He calls us to support, pray for, encourage, love, and care for each other in our daily walk.  River City embraces God’s plan for a fellowship by connecting believers in small groups. Small groups are not a ministry, but the way we do ministry together as believers.


Jesus told his followers to go and make disciples and to teach them to observe everything that He commanded them, which we call maturity or discipleship. Growing in our understanding and application of both His word and ways, we experience the full life that God intended for his believers. At River City we teach and facilitate several important disciplines that will put believers on the path to growth in our discipleship.


The Bible teaches us that each believer is called and gifted in unique ways designed for them from God, and Real Life is the gift of serving according to His special plan for each believer.  Discovering and using your gifts to fulfill God’s global mission is one of the attributes of a full and abundant life through Him. At River City, every believer is challenged and equipped to utilize our gifts, or, as referred to Biblically, to minister.


One of the most important parts of being a believer is sharing the good news of the Lord’s gift to every person; the gift of eternal life through Jesus’ death and resurrection that took our sins away to restore lost people to Real Life.  Sharing Christ’s sacrifice is the Biblical definition of evangelism.  At River City we are all challenged, equipped, and supported in the call to share God’s gift of abundant life through Him.