Jesus said: YOU are the light of the world. As followers of Jesus, every single one of us is responsible to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ; the truth of His life, death, and resurrection as manifested in our lives, with the whole world! This is evangelism. At River City, we don’t believe that evangelism is simply the work of public speakers and street corner prophets, but that every believer, in every context, is compelled by the word of God to share the hope of the gospel at all times to a dying and desperate world! The work of sharing is not a one-time conversation, but is instead a lifestyle of Becoming, Inviting, and Proclaiming. Becoming Christ centered and Christ filled, inviting into life those whom God places before us, and with hopeful, joyful boldness proclaiming the truth of the gospel to all the world! The life of a Christian is a life of Sharing.