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River City Serves Global – Short-term International Trips

We carefully select international partners and support them in serving the disadvantaged and those at risk. We select partners who have demonstrated effective ministry and responsible care. Our current nations of focus include West Africa, India, Central America, and Puerto Rico.

Short-term Trip Sponsor / Donation

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Serving Opportunities Include


The Mission: Support the local missionary and his team as they reach out to the poor, the orphaned, and the widowed, teaching them that Jesus is a friend of the poor. Ministries include village evangelism, church seminars, children’s programs, youth seminars, etc.
Who: This trip is for youth and adults.
When: FALL 2022 (tentative)
Cost: $3,000
Contact: Bo Bowman: bobowman@sbcglobal.net


The Mission: Ministries to rebuild church destroyed by Hurricane Maria in Humacao, Puerto Rico.
Who: Adults and youth (16 and up) with a servant heart willing to get their hands dirty
When: FALL 2022
Approx. Cost: $1,500
Contact: Pastor Willy Mayfield – pastorwilly@reallife.org
Bo Bowman – bobowman@sbcglobal.net



The Mission: Ministries include serving Mayan Kaqchiquel communities through acts of service and love. Give programs in village schools and work with Mayan children in Guatemalan central highlands.
Who: Women – age 18 and up (or Jr. High and up with a parent)
When: TBD
Approx. Cost: $1,600
Contact: Bo Bowman 210-382-8121 or bobowman@sbcglobal.net
Leslie Phillips 210-490-5262 or lphillips@reallife.org



The Mission: Construction of ministry center, community evangelism, & youth programs.
Who: Adults & Youth
When: July 2-9, 2022
Approx. Cost: $2,000
Contact: Bo Bowman: 210-382-8121 or bobowman@sbcglobal.net
Yoan Mora 210-490-5262 or ymora@reallife.org


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