The Shape Seminar is a 2-hour interactive course that will guide you
step-by-step to discover how God has designed you to make a difference.

7 Ideas for the Modern Follower of Jesus


What past participants have said about the Shape Seminar:

I liked the new types of surveys and additional materials in the book to think about. I liked the way the seminar focused on our uniqueness.

I liked the examination of past experiences, jobs, ministry to discern gifts. I can clearly see now how God has been building my character for bigger tasks with more responsibility.

It was very helpful to understand the various gifts I have. We had a great time discussing our results with each other.

Program Details

SHAPE Seminar participants will explore the following:

•Spiritual gifts
•Gift development pattern
•The role of passions & personality
•Biblical view of human differences
•Learned abilities
•How God uses experiences (even painful ones)
•A theology of serving
•What is ministry and who can do it
•Leadership gifts
•Leveraging time
•Ministry opportunities
•Hands-on assessments
•Collaborative learning
•Individual coaching