What is Baptism?

For the believer, baptism is the public declaration to the world that we have become a follower of Christ. Baptism is something that Jesus commanded us to do, and it’s an important step of obedience in the believer’s life. Even though He was without sin, Jesus Himself was baptized to set an example for us, and His baptism marked the start of His Messianic ministry. The English word baptize comes directly from the Greek verb baptizó, meaning to “IMMERSE.” – This means taking one thing and placing it into something else.

Baptism doesn’t save you. Instead it is an external picture of an internal reality of what God did for you when He saved you. In summary baptism give us a picture of what God has provided for us in SALVATION:

1. A new life
2. A new nature
3. A new identity
4. A new family
5. A new destiny
6. A new HOME with Him in eternity.

That’s why the gospel is called – Good News! It’s great news that never grows old! Our response to this amazing salvation we’ve received is to obey the Lord by publicly declaring our faith through Baptism. And God always blesses our obedience. So, if you have come to the place where you have repented of your old ways of living, have placed you faith in Christ and asked Him to come into your life, forgive you, and save you, the Bible says you have been born again. Your next step as a follower of Christ is to be baptized.

We are excited for you, as you take this important next step – in your relationship with Christ!