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EventDateTimeMore InfoRegister
Adult / Youth Baptism ClassFeb 11Learn MoreRegister
Hands and Feet LocalFeb 17Learn MoreRegister
BaptismFeb 18Learn MoreRegister
River City UniversityFeb 20Learn MoreRegister
Real Life Conference 2018Feb 23-24Learn MoreRegister
River City Date NightMarch 26:30pmLearn MoreRegister
OutdoorsmenMarch 56:30pmLearn More
“Get In” Membership ClassMarch 113pmLearn MoreRegister
SHAPEMarch 113pmLearn MoreRegister
SHAPEMarch 181pmLearn MoreRegister
OutdoorsmenApril 26:30pmLearn More
“Get In” Membership ClassApril 153pmLearn MoreRegister
Adult / Youth Baptism ClassApril 229:30amLearn MoreRegister
Children’sBaptism ClassApril 221pmLearn MoreRegister
BaptismApril 2912:45pmLearn MoreRegister
GrouplinkMay 16:30pmLearn MoreRegister

Volunteer Opportunities

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Area of FocusMinistryMore InfoSign Up
Community GroupsCantina RenovationsSign Up
In the ChurchCampus MaintenanceLearn MoreSign Up
In the ChurchPrayer TeamSign Up
In the ChurchRiver City UniversityLearn MoreSign Up
In the ChurchCare MinistryLearn MoreSign Up
In the ChurchRio Explorers (Pre-School)Learn MoreSign Up
In the ChurchRio Mountaineers (Elementary)Learn MoreSign Up
In the ChurchJumpstart (Jr. High)Learn MoreSign Up
In the ChurchRiver City Youth (High School)Learn MoreSign Up
In the ChurchFood Service & EventsLearn MoreSign Up
In the ChurchService ProgrammingLearn MoreSign Up
In the ChurchData Entry/OfficeLearn MoreSign Up

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