BU@RC combines the strengths of Bethel University and River City Community Church.  Those seeking a degree will benefit from Bethel University’s strong academics while being immersed in the leadership culture of River City. Students will receive practical ministry experience in a learning environment that promotes spiritual growth.

Why Bethel University at River City?

Reduced Tuition

Bethel University offers discounted tuition to students at extension sites, allowing BU@RC to offer tuition at a much lower cost. You can earn 30 credit hours for a full year at the cost of $10,000.

Life Flexibilty

Through BU@RC, you will earn a college degree while still having the flexibility to remain at home and continue to work a part-time job.

Practical Training

Ministry and business apprenticeships will be offered to you through BU@RC. Up to 3 credit hours per semester will be given for practicum experience.  This amounts to 8-10 hours weekly of firsthand leadership, ministry, and workplace experience.


Starting in August 2021, BU@RC will provide five degree options, and we anticipate adding more potential selections in the 2022-23 and/or 2023-24 school years.  The current options are:
B.A. = Bachelor of Arts  |  A.A. = Associate of Arts
Ministry Leadership - A.A.

The degree is designed to offer a more robust general studies core to traditional-aged students while providing them with a cognate of Christian ministries-related courses and a series of church-based supervised ministry practicums. The goal of the degree is to foster students’ ability to think deeply and Christianly and to minister and communicate well in an increasingly diverse American context. As students engage in coursework, they will also experience deeper personal spiritual growth that will enable them to provide Christ-centered leadership to meet a variety of needs.

General Studies - A.A.

The foundation of the program is a Christ-centered liberal arts general education curriculum which consists of a wide range of general studies from communications skills, humanities, diversity and global awareness, social science, natural science and math, Bible and religion. These courses serve as fulfilling most of the general studies requirements of any four-year degree. Students have the opportunity to individualize their education in order to achieve a balance between developing their known interest and exploring new subject areas. This AA includes the opportunity to learn via a series of supervised practicums, if desired.

Ministry Leadership - B.A.

The Ministry Leadership degree program incorporates in-depth Bible and theological study, while focusing on the practical skills needed to minister in today’s contemporary diverse culture. As students engage in coursework, they will also experience deeper personal spiritual growth that will enable them to provide Christ-centered leadership to meet a variety of needs. The degree offers students the flexibility to tailor their studies to emphasize biblical studies, youth ministry, or pastoral studies.

Business Administration - B.A.

This degree is designed to provide students with the necessary tools to begin a career in business or to increase the skillset for those already working in a business setting. Students will choose a concentration area to expand their business knowledge and become more marketable in human resource management, non-profit management, health care administration, or organizational leadership. All content is delivered through the lens of a Christian world view to enable students to integrate faith in decision making to promote sound business ethics.


 The total cost for one year of tuition and fees at BU@RC is only $10,000. The price is based on 15 credits per semester, including 3 practicum hours. The cost will increase if the student registers for additional credits.

*For those eligible for the Pell Grant and Indiana State Grant, the out-of-pocket cost is substantially reduced.


1. Get More Information

Fill out this short info form to get the process started.

2. Apply to Bethel University

Students should transfer FAFSA, SAT/ACT scores, and school transcripts to Bethel University.

*All students must meet the admission criteria for Bethel University.

3. Acceptance & Enrollment

Bethel University’s admission team will notify you of acceptance and begin your enrollment at BU@RC

4. Select Classes

You will work with your advisor to select the appropriate classes pertaining to your degree.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Apply To BU@RC?
BU@RC is for all high school graduates and interested young adults, looking to discover and embrace their God-given mission within a platform of vocational ministry or the marketplace.
When Can I Apply?
Students are admitted in either the fall (classes begin in August) or spring (classes begin in January) semesters.
Is Housing Available?
Unfortunately, housing is not available.
Is This An Accredited Program?
Yes, this program partners with Bethel University. Bethel University is a fully accredited institution authorized to award associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees.
Who Is Teaching The Classes?
Bethel University will provide online courses for students, meaning you will be taught by BU professors.
Are Credits Transfurable From & To BU@RC?
Yes, although each school varies in what they will or will not accept, most general classes will transfer in or transfer out to other schools.
Do I Get To Focus My Practicum On A Certain Track?
Yes. Each student will have the opportunity to focus their ministry experience in either Kid Ministry, Student Ministry, Adult Ministry, Worship Ministry, Care Ministry, or Business (provided only to Business Administration majors).
What Do I Receive If I Finish?
There are both two-year associate degrees and four-year bachelor degrees available from Bethel University. Both degrees offer valuable life experience, leadership development, and ministry training from serving at River City Community Church.
Does The Program Offer Financial Aid or Student Loans?

BU@RC enables enrolled students to pay for their college experience using federal financial aid. To know if you are eligible for such funding, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at and maintain 12 credit hours each semester.

Many scholarships received from organizations outside of Bethel University can be applied to the cost of your education.

Bethel University will assist you in understanding all of your financial options.

Our purpose and process are to equip people to become disciples with transformed lives by engaging with God through worship, community connection, and serving the world through ministry. Through a commitment to living a Christ-like walk in our community, they grow their faith and love for others. Studying the Bible and worship leads people to know and love God in new ways. Using their knowledge and understanding of God’s plan for their lives, they’ll seek out opportunities to use their gifts to change the world.

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