We offer events and opportunities to connect with others for the purpose of spiritual growth, support, and building new friendships.

Married Couples

River City happily offers a variety of classes, mentoring, and groups for those entering, or already living, in their marriage time of life. Some of these classes include preparing for your marriage, establishing your marriage, enriching your marriage, and restoring your marriage.

Community Groups

At River City, we believe that real life is experienced in groups. These are long-term groups of people in similar life stages who are committed to growing together and walking in community with one another.

Growth Groups

Growth groups are short-term groups with a specific area of focus. You can expect to find groups that focus on spiritual and personal growth, family and finances, and support & recovery. If there’s something you need to grow through, or maybe grow towards, or if you just want to know more about Jesus and what it means to follow Him, then check out River City Grow.

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