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We offer events and opportunities to connect with others for the purpose of spiritual growth, support, and building new friendships.

Married Couples

River City happily offers a variety of classes, mentoring, and groups for those entering, or already living, in their marriage time of life. Some of these classes include preparing for your marriage, establishing your marriage, enriching your marriage, and restoring your marriage.

Community Groups

At River City, we believe that real life is experienced in groups. Generally, a group consists of 4-5 couples or 8-10 individuals who meet for healthy relationships and spiritual growth. Meeting 3-4 times per month, we believe healthy relationships, along with spiritual growth, is achieved through group prayer, Biblical discussions, support, accountability, and time just having fun together.

River City University

River City University is the adult education ministry offered at River City Community Church.  Classes and groups are designed to help you grow spiritually and make Biblical life choices so you can experience the real, abundant life that God has for you. In order to provide direction where it’s best needed we have groups and classes that fall into five learning tracks. The tracks include Foundation Classes, Bible Studies, Marriage and Family, Support and Recovery, and Pastoral Leadership Courses.

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